Mukesh Ambani and his wife, Nita Ambani, recently organized a grand party at NMACC. Some of whose pictures remain the subject of discussion on social media. In one of these photographs, sweets were found wrapped in 500 rupee notes. Since then, there has been a discussion among the people that the Ambanis presentedcandiess covered in 500 rupee notes to the guest. But is this true? Let’s know what the truth behind this picture is… Let us tell you, the fact-checking website News Fact Checker has denied this.

According to the Fact Check website, the Rs 500 note served with the sweets is fake. After all, why did Ambanis serve such sweets? During this, the sweet seen in the photo is ‘Daulat Ki Chaat’. This is one of the famous sweets of Delhi.

That’s why the Ambanis had put 500 rupee notes with this sweet. These are not actual notes of 500 rupees; they are just pieces of paper placed to make the sweets look attractive. Rs 500 notices were served on a plate at Mukesh Ambani’s party Special Indian plate was done in the food. Whose picture has been shared by Maheep Kapoor on his social media platform?

Many recipes were served to the guests on silver plates. Roti, dal, palak paneer, kadhi, halwa, sweet dish, papad and laddoos were seen. Along with this, you will also see a wine glass kept on the plate. Apart from actors and actresses, prominent personalities from the sports and business world participated in this program of NMACC.