The much-anticipated Vande Bharat Express, bridging Dehradun and Lucknow, commenced its regular operations on Tuesday, offering a fast and efficient travel option for passengers.

Operating six days a week, excluding Mondays, this state-of-the-art train significantly reduces the journey time between the two cities to just eight hours and twenty minutes, a notable improvement over the usual eleven to twelve-hour duration by other trains.

Ticket Pricing and Availability

  • Chair Car Fare: The fare for a chair car seat from Dehradun to Lucknow is priced at Rs 1,480, which includes a catering charge of Rs 323.
  • Executive Class Fare: For those opting for a more luxurious journey, the executive class fare is set at Rs 2,715, including Rs 384 for catering services.


  • On its inaugural day, the train witnessed full occupancy, with tickets booked out till March 31st, reflecting the high demand for this new service.

Official Launch and Schedule

  • The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, virtually inaugurated the Dehradun-Lucknow Vande Bharat Express on March 12th, marking a significant advancement in the region’s rail infrastructure.


  • The train departs from Lucknow at 5:15 AM, arriving in Dehradun by 1:35 PM. The return journey starts at 2:25 PM from Dehradun, reaching Lucknow at 10:40 PM.


  • It makes strategic stops only at five stations: Haridwar, Moradabad, Bareilly, Shahjahanpur, and Alamnagar, optimizing travel time and efficiency.

Cost-Effective and Faster Alternative

Comparatively, the fare for the Vande Bharat Express is less than that of the super deluxe Volvo buses operated by the state transport corporations, making it an attractive alternative for travelers.

The Vande Bharat Express not only offers a more economical option but also reduces the travel time significantly, providing a faster and more comfortable journey between Dehradun and Lucknow.

Fares to Other Stations

  • Dehradun to Haridwar: The chair car fare is Rs 540, including catering, while the executive class fare is Rs 955.
  • Dehradun to Moradabad: Chair car fare is set at Rs 715 with food included, and the executive class fare is Rs 1,370.
  • Dehradun to Bareilly: Travelers will pay Rs 860 for a chair car seat, with executive class costing Rs 1,660, catering included.


The introduction of the Vande Bharat Express between Dehradun and Lucknow marks a significant milestone in enhancing the rail connectivity in the region, making travel not only faster but also more accessible and enjoyable for passengers. This high-speed train service is a testament to the advancements in India’s rail infrastructure, offering a modern, efficient, and cost-effective mode of transport for the people.

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