In a significant development, the Yamuna Authority has approved the creation of the Raya Heritage City, alongside the Yamuna Expressway. This move is set to revolutionize the area with urban centers and specialized economic zones.


Raya Heritage City Development

  1. Location and Size: The city will spread across 753 acres and is expected to incur an expenditure of approximately 1220 crores INR.
  2. Connectivity: A new 7-kilometer, 100-meter wide greenfield expressway will connect Raya to the Yamuna River in Vrindavan.
  3. Dual Development: Alongside the expressway, the Heritage City will be developed on both sides, enhancing the area’s aesthetic and functional appeal.


Special Economic Zones (SEZs)

  1. Focus on Electronics Manufacturing: Four SEZs are planned, with a primary focus on electronics manufacturing hubs, along with data centers.
  2. Expert Company Engagement: A specialist company has been selected to outline the township, expected to deliver its preliminary report within two months.
  3. Integrated Township: The first phase of development will include an integrated township, comprising residential, commercial, institutional activities, and non-polluting factories.


Additional Developments

  1. Urban Center: Yamuna Authority plans to develop 10500 urban centers alongside the Yamuna Expressway.
  2. Sector Expansion: The authority’s jurisdiction now extends over 1149 villages, with 1050 hectares allocated for an aviation hub.
  3. Feasibility Report for New Expressway: The Noida Authority has submitted a feasibility report to NHAI for a new expressway between Noida and Greater Noida along the Yamuna embankment.
  4. Relief for Allottees: Around 42,000 allottees will benefit from the authority’s decision to extend the deadline for registry and construction completion by six months without any penalty.


The Yamuna Authority’s board meeting decisions mark a significant step towards developing integrated urban centers and SEZs, focusing on industrial growth and job creation. The implementation of these plans is expected to transform the region into a modern, economically vibrant area, enhancing living standards and creating new employment opportunities.

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