The Yamuna Expressway Authority has announced it will take over the construction of an 11.7-kilometer road directly linking the Yamuna Expressway to the Noida International Airport Cargo Terminal. This move is expected to expedite the project, previously discussed to be managed through external agencies.


Project Details:

  • Route Specifics: The new road will extend from the Zero Point on the Yamuna Expressway at 28.4 kilometers to the cargo terminal. The direct connection is aimed at facilitating smoother transit of goods to and from the airport.


  • Construction Phases: The construction of this critical infrastructure is set to gain momentum this month, with the completion targeted before the airport becomes fully operational.

Connectivity and Infrastructure:

  • Enhancements: The road will connect with industrial sectors 29, 32, 9, 5, 7, 8, and others, allowing for efficient transport of goods. The planned road width will be 75 meters within sectors and 45 meters outside, accommodating heavy freight traffic with ease.


  • Total Investment: The project is budgeted at 63 crore rupees, emphasizing the importance of robust infrastructure to support the airport’s cargo operations.
  • Additional Elements: Besides the main roadway, there will be a 120-meter elevated structure leading up to the terminal to further ease the movement of vehicles and goods.


Expected Outcomes:

  • Economic Impact: By improving connectivity to the forthcoming Noida International Airport, this infrastructure project is anticipated to boost local and regional economic activities, particularly in cargo and freight services.


  • Operational Efficiency: With the airport’s air facility-related constructions nearly complete, the timely finish of the road is critical. Dr. Arunveer Singh, CEO of the Yamuna Authority, assured that efforts are ongoing to complete the terminal works by September.


This strategic infrastructure development is set to significantly enhance logistical operations and support the anticipated increase in cargo traffic once the Noida International Airport begins full-scale operations.

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