A new city is set to be built on the land of three major cities in the National Capital Region (NCR), with a vision similar to Singapore’s design.

This new city, provisionally named Dadri-Noida-Ghaziabad Investment Region (DNGIR), will be strategically located just 40 km away from Delhi.

Covering the areas of Noida, Dadri, and Bulandshahr, the new city will span 84 villages and aim to be the best-planned city in NCR.

Master Plan Approval:

  • The city will be constructed in line with the Master Plan 2041, approved in a recent meeting, with an internal budget of Rs. 1,000 crore.
  • It will follow a vision to provide modern infrastructure, green spaces, and advanced transportation.


Key Highlights:

  • Land Distribution: The city will allocate land as follows:
    • 41% for industries
    • 11.5% for residential purposes
    • 17% for green spaces and recreation
    • 15.5% for roads
    • 9% for institutional use
    • 4.5% for commercial properties


  • Design Features: The city will feature a direct connection to other NCR cities with robust infrastructure and facilities like residential areas for workers (EWS, LIG, MIG, HIG homes), medical and paramedical colleges for higher education, and seamless connectivity with existing cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Ludhiana.


  • Zoning: The city will be divided into four zones: South, East, West, and North, each serving a specific industrial hub.

Potential Benefits:

  • Economic Growth: The city will promote industrial growth, commercial expansion, and job opportunities, encouraging investment and business.
  • Infrastructure & Connectivity: With a comprehensive transportation network, including proposed roads and railway lines, the city aims to connect efficiently with other economic hubs.
  • Quality of Life: Well-planned residential zones will offer a tranquil lifestyle away from Delhi’s congestion while meeting the increasing demand for modern housing.

Stakeholder Perspectives:

  • Developers & Industry Experts:
    • Manoj Gaur, Chairman of Gaur Group, emphasized the well-planned nature of the city, ensuring fulfillment of various objectives, from residential to commercial.
    • Sanjay Sharma, Director of SKA Group, highlighted the city’s potential to attract investors and offer a comprehensive development model.
    • Vikas Bhasin, CMD of Saya Group, sees New Noida as a game-changer, catering to growing demands while promoting business growth.


Inshort. New Noida, with its meticulous planning and strategic vision, promises to reshape the urban landscape of NCR. Its emphasis on industrial, commercial, and residential development aims to deliver a vibrant city, setting a new benchmark for urban living in India

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