Gurugram Metropolitan City Bus Limited has initiated a new city bus service connecting Dwarka Expressway to the Millennium City Center Metro Station.

The service, identified as bus route number 128, will start its daily operation from Sector 10 at 6:50 AM. Initially, two buses have been deployed on this route to facilitate the commuting needs of residents and travelers.

Key Highlights of New Bus Service.

  • Connectivity Boost: The introduction of the city bus service on Dwarka Expressway is a significant step towards enhancing connectivity between key locations in Gurugram and the adjacent areas, making travel more accessible and convenient for the public.


  • Route Details: The service starting from Sector 10 aims to provide a direct link to the Millennium City Center Metro Station, thereby easing the commute for individuals traveling to and from this major transit point.


  • Service Timings: The operation of the bus service begins early in the morning, ensuring that commuters can avail themselves of the transport facility to reach their destinations timely, especially during peak hours.


The commencement of the city bus service along the Dwarka Expressway is a welcome development for Gurugram’s urban transportation network.


By bridging a crucial gap with the Millennium City Center Metro Station, the service promises to improve daily commute experiences, reduce travel time, and support the city’s growing transportation demands.

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