There will be great news for LPG gas cylinder holders who will get big benefits on QR Code Scanning. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has launched an innovative feature called “Pure for Sure” with an aim to strengthen the satisfaction and confidence of its LPG consumers.

The main objective of this initiative is to provide customers with complete assurance of quality and quantity of LPG cylinders at their doorstep. BPCL’s “Pure for SHUT” initiative is not only a new ray of confidence and satisfaction for LPG consumers but also symbolizes solving problems through innovation and technology in the ecosystem.

This initiative will help consumers check the authenticity of their deliveries, and also promote transparency and efficiency in the LPG distribution system.

Tamper-proof Seal QR Code Features of Tamper-proof Seal and QR Code


The specialty of this new service of BPCL is that every LPG cylinder will have a tamper-proof seal, on which a QR code will also be present. Through this seal and QR code, the consumer can go from the production plant to his home. Will be able to check the guarantee of quality and quantity of cylinders.


QR Code Scanning and its benefits


When consumers scan the QR code, they will see a unique Pure for Sure pop-up, which will include all the information related to the cylinder, such as the total weight of the cylinder at the time of emptying, presence of seal mark, etc. This will allow consumers to verify their Transparency and trust will be guaranteed by checking the authenticity of the cylinder before accepting the delivery.

BPCL Official’s Statement and Objective Solution to Issues


Regarding this initiative, a BPCL official said that the old problems present in the LPG ecosystem such as theft in transit, timely delivery, and choice of delivery time by consumers will be resolved. Additionally, services like AI based route optimizer will be provided to the distributors, which will make the delivery process more efficient. BPCL intends to include deliverywomen in the LPG ecosystem as women understand this product best.



  • LPG gas cylinder holders will get big benefits on QR Code Scanning with the launch of BPCL’s “Pure for Sure” initiative.


  • Every LPG cylinder will have a tamper-proof seal and QR code, allowing consumers to check the guarantee of quality and quantity of cylinders.


  • QR code scanning will provide consumers with information about the cylinder’s weight, presence of seal mark, etc., ensuring transparency and trust.


  • BPCL aims to resolve old problems in the LPG ecosystem and provide efficient delivery services through innovations like AI-based route optimizer.

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