In a significant development, Greater Noida Authority is gearing up to take stringent action against an illegal colony sprawling over 150 acres. This unauthorised settlement has been established on land worth ₹300 crore, originally purchased by the Authority.



  • The Illegal Colony: Spanning 150 acres, the illegal colony was established by 20 bold colonizers who encroached upon land owned by the Greater Noida Authority.
  • Original Land Purchase: The Authority had acquired this land from farmers in 2012 at ₹3500 per square meter. However, due to prolonged vacancy, colonizers seized the opportunity to develop this illegal settlement.


Current Developments

  • Rampant Fraud: These colonizers, in collusion with the registration department officials, are engaging in fraudulent activities, selling plots multiple times and denying rightful possession to investors.


  • Misuse of Authority’s Land: Despite being a significant asset of the state government, the Authority’s land has been illegally occupied without any substantial effort to reclaim it.
  • Registration Department’s Role: Despite regulations, the registration department has been complicit in allowing multiple sales of the same plots, further aggravating the issue.


Upcoming Actions

  • Crackdown on Illegal Colonizers: Greater Noida Authority is identifying the colonizers in Jalpura village for imminent legal action. Those involved in cutting illegal colonies are expected to face jail time soon.


  • Initiative by Bisrakh Village: Enforcement action has already commenced in Bisrakh village, setting a precedent for similar actions in Jalpura.

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