To enhance train operations between New Delhi and Ghaziabad via Anand Vihar, a new railway bridge is planned to be constructed parallel to the existing Tilak Bridge over the Yamuna river. This initiative is set to significantly improve the punctuality and efficiency of train services, offering a sigh of relief to countless commuters who face delays and overcrowding on a daily basis.

Project Insights and Financial Outlay

The proposed bridge, spanning approximately six hundred meters, has already been allocated, with construction expected to commence shortly.

The completion of this bridge is anticipated to facilitate the timely movement of trains departing from New Delhi railway station, addressing a longstanding issue of delays.

The construction of this new bridge is projected to cost around 218 crore rupees, marking a significant investment towards enhancing the railway infrastructure in the region.

Addressing the Need for Additional Tracks

Currently, trains bound for Ghaziabad from New Delhi and Hazrat Nizamuddin railway stations rely on the Tilak Bridge, which comprises only two tracks.

With the increasing number of trains operating from these stations, there is a critical need to expand the track capacity, a need that the new bridge aims to fulfill. The absence of additional lines often results in trains being held up, leading to delays and inconvenience for passengers.

Strategic Steps for Smoother Train Operations

Efforts are underway to lay the third and fourth lines between Tilak Bridge and Anand Vihar to accommodate the growing traffic. Furthermore, the introduction of the fifth and sixth lines between Tilak Bridge and New Delhi two years ago has somewhat alleviated congestion issues.

The construction of this new railway bridge is a testament to the proactive measures being taken to ensure smoother train operations in one of the busiest corridors of the national capital.

A Fourth Railway Bridge Over the Yamuna

This upcoming bridge will be the fourth railway structure across the Yamuna in Delhi, joining the ranks of the Old Iron Bridge and Tilak Bridge, which currently facilitate the movement of trains across the river. A new bridge parallel to the more than 150-year-old Old Iron Bridge near Shahdara is nearing completion, further expanding the railway network over the Yamuna.

Yamuna River’s Existing and Under-Construction Bridges

Delhi boasts a total of 25 operational and under-construction bridges over a 22-kilometer stretch of the Yamuna, including four metro bridges (with one more under construction), one under-construction RRTS (Regional Rapid Transit System) bridge, two operational railway bridges, and one under construction. In addition, there are 16 road bridges, underscoring the strategic importance of river crossings in facilitating urban mobility.

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