The government has directed all e-commerce companies to remove beverages, including Bournvita, from the “health drink” category on their platforms. This decision was made by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry after a thorough investigation, which revealed that the term “health drink” is not defined under current regulations.

Government’s Directive

On April 10, 2024, an official order was issued advising e-commerce companies and their platforms to cease categorizing any beverages as health drinks. This move aims to ensure transparency and accuracy in product descriptions online, safeguarding consumers from potentially misleading claims.

Implications for E-commerce Platforms

This directive requires immediate action from all e-commerce portals to revise their product listings to comply with the new regulations. It underscores the importance of accurate product categorization and adherence to legal definitions in marketing.

Consumer Protection

The government’s decision reflects a commitment to consumer protection, emphasizing the need for consumers to receive honest information about the products they purchase online. This is particularly significant in the context of health-related products, where misleading information can have direct implications on consumer health and safety.

The implementation of this order will likely lead to a review of how products are marketed and sold online, potentially setting a precedent for more stringent regulations in e-commerce.

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