In a significant development aimed at enhancing connectivity to the Noida International Airport, the Yamuna Authority has proposed the extension of the Namo Bharat train line right up to the airport terminal. This new plan, which involves laying down an underground track, is set to radically improve transport facilities for air travelers upon completion.

Project Overview

The initiative to extend the Namo Bharat train to the Ground Transportation Center (GTC) of the airport complex comes with an approved budget of INR 600 crores. This development will facilitate seamless entry of the train through the main gateway of the airport, terminating directly at the terminal. The move is especially timely, considering that flight operations at the airport are anticipated to commence by the end of September.

With the blueprint already prepared, the Namo Bharat line will span 72.2 kilometers, commencing from the Ghaziabad RRTS (Rapid Rail Transit System) and extending to the airport. The track construction is being planned in phases, with the route finalized for both the Namo Bharat and the metro rail systems. Both will operate concurrently on the same track, enhancing the efficiency of the transport network.

Phased Development and Investments

The construction process is split into two phases:

  • Phase One: Starting from Ghaziabad RRTS to Ecotech-6 Kasna, featuring 18 metro stations.
  • Phase Two: Spreading from Ecotech-6 to the Airport, during which four additional stations will be constructed, specifically for the Namo Bharat service.

Discussion between central and state government levels has achieved a consensus on the responsibilities and funding allocations for each phase. The ambitious project has a target completion year of 2029 and is estimated to cost approximately INR 17,343 crores.

Future Prospects

Initially, the Namo Bharat train was set to stop at the gateway to the airport. However, the extended plan to link it directly to the terminal is now underway, marking a progressive step towards integrating public transportation with major infrastructure facilities. This extension is expected to offer great convenience to passengers by providing a direct rail link from various parts of the city right into the airport, significantly easing the travel experience.

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