Mishika’s family lives in Raksha Adela Society located in Gaur City 2 of Greno West.

Eight-month-old Mishika is suffering from a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy.

Injection is necessary in seven months, otherwise body parts will stop working

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Greater Noida. An eight-month-old baby girl of Raksha Adela Society, Greno West, is suffering from a rare disease. 17.5 crore is to be injected for the treatment of the girl child. The family members have appealed for help as they are not in a condition to bear the cost of the injection. Till now more than 4500 people have been helped, still the amount is not enough. Is. If the injection is not given then the girl child will lose her life.

The girl’s father Mudit Mohan and mother Neha Saxena are IT engineers. He told that his daughter Mishika is eight months old. At the age of seven months there was a change in his health. On being shown at Delhi’s Sir Gangaram Hospital in February, it was found that Mishika had a rare disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA-1). In this disease the muscles will stop working. Father Mudit told that the doctors have told that the treatment is possible with an injection named Jolgensma.

The cost of this injection is 17.5 crores. The injection will come from America. Although it costs 22 crores with tax, but recently the Government of India had made the injection tax free. If the injection is not given, then slowly each and every part of the daughter’s body will stop working. The family has appealed to the general public as well as the central and state government and ministers for help.

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