Starting from May 1st, changes in financial regulations will notably affect credit card users across several banks, increasing the costs associated with bill payments.

The banks implementing these changes include IDFC First Bank, Yes Bank, and ICICI Bank, which have introduced new fees for transactions and maintenance.


Changes in Bank Fees:

  • IDFC First Bank:
    • There will be an increase in charges for routine bill payments using their credit cards. This will affect payments for utilities such as phone, electricity, gas, internet service, cable service, and water bills.


  • Yes Bank:
    • Adjustments in the average balance requirements for savings accounts. The Pro Max accounts will now require a minimum average of ₹50,000, with the maximum fee capped at ₹1,000. The minimum balance in savings accounts has been adjusted to ₹25,000.


  • ICICI Bank:
    • Changes to service charges related to savings accounts have been made. Urban area customers will face a fee of ₹200 for debit card services, while rural customers will be charged ₹99. Additionally, there will be a fee for passbook updates and a charge of ₹4 per check issued.


Additional Information:

  • HDFC Bank has extended the investment date for its special Fixed Deposit (FD) scheme for senior citizens until May 10, 2024. This scheme, initiated in May 2020, offers higher interest rates for elderly investors.


Key Takeaways:

  • Credit card users will face increased fees for various services, including bill payments and credit card maintenance.


  • Changes reflect broader adjustments within the financial services sector, with banks updating fees and requirements to manage their service offerings more effectively.


  • Customers need to be aware of the increased financial burden due to these changes, especially those frequently using credit cards for utility payments and other transactions.

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