Young Man Stabs Wife to Death at Friend’s Party in Munirka

New Delhi ★A young man attending a party at his friend’s house in Munirka stabbed his wife to death when she protested against him assaulting his wife. The accused has been arrested, according to police officials.

Incident Details

The incident took place late on Friday night in Munirka, South West District. The accused, identified as 25-year-old Robin, a resident of Nepal, was residing with his girlfriend in the Munirka area and working in a call center in Noida. Robin had invited his friend, Mingchang alias Jimmy, a resident of Manipur, to his house as his wife and son were unwell. Jimmy had been living on rent in Munirka for the past two years.

The Altercation

During the party, Jimmy consumed beer and began to argue with Robin’s wife over an undisclosed issue. Robin and his girlfriend intervened to stop the altercation. However, the argument escalated, leading Jimmy to attack Robin’s chest with a knife, causing his death.

Image of the crime scene
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Arrest and Investigation

Following the incident, the police were immediately informed and arrived at the scene. They arrested Jimmy and began an investigation into the matter. The knife used in the crime has been seized as evidence.


This tragic incident highlights the importance of resolving conflicts peacefully and seeking help from authorities when necessary. It is essential to promote awareness about the consequences of resorting to violence in domestic disputes and encourage individuals to seek counseling and support.


  • A young man attending a party in Munirka stabbed his wife to death after a heated argument.
  • The incident occurred late on Friday night in South West District, New Delhi.
  • The accused, Robin, invited his friend Jimmy to his house, where the altercation took place.
  • Jimmy attacked Robin with a knife, resulting in his death.
  • The police have arrested Jimmy and initiated an investigation.

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