In a welcome move on the first day of the new financial year, LPG cylinder rates have seen a reduction across various cities in India, providing some relief to commercial users. This adjustment in prices, particularly for commercial cylinders, comes as a significant announcement from the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), with the reduction being a variable amount depending on the city.


Key Highlights of the Price Reduction:

  • Significant Decrease: In Delhi, the price for a 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder has been reduced by Rs 30.50, bringing the new rate to Rs 1764.50.
  • Variation Across Cities: Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai have also experienced a decrease in LPG cylinder prices, alongside other cities such as Lucknow, Jaipur, Agra, Patna, Ludhiana, and Gurugram.


  • Commercial Focus: The reduction is exclusive to commercial cylinders, leaving domestic cylinder prices unchanged. This means the price for a 14 kg domestic cylinder in Delhi remains at Rs 803.
  • Pre-Election Relief: This price reduction is seen as a move to provide relief to consumers before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, following a similar reduction on Women’s Day, which was aimed at domestic cylinder consumers.


City-Specific Reductions:

The decrease in prices varies by city, with notable reductions in key metropolitan areas:

  • Delhi: Rs 30.50 decrease
  • Kolkata: Rs 32 decrease
  • Mumbai: Rs 31.50 decrease
  • Chennai: Rs 30.50 decrease


Consumer Relief and Political Implications:

The decision to lower commercial cylinder rates is expected to bring significant relief to businesses and commercial establishments that rely heavily on LPG for their operations.

Coming ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, this move is perceived as a strategic decision to garner goodwill among the electorate. Additionally, the previous price reductions on Women’s Day, specifically targeting domestic cylinder consumers, underscore the government’s focus on easing the financial burden on households.

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