The Railway Board has decided to operate 50 Amrit Bharat trains for regular rail passengers in the current financial year. All trains will consist of sleeper-general coaches, boasting a top speed of 130 kilometers per hour through the Pull-Push technology.

Due to their higher average speed, these trains will take less time than Rajdhani Express trains. Moreover, the facilities in these coaches will surpass those of mail-express trains.

A senior official of the Railway Board revealed plans to produce a total of 1230 coaches of Amrit Bharat trains in the current fiscal year (2024-25). This includes 600 sleeper category (ACSLH) coaches, 440 general category (ACSL) coaches, and 130 guard-sleeper category (ACSLRD) coaches.

Thus, a total of 50 Amrit Bharat trains, all equipped with sleeper-general coaches, will be operational in the financial year, catering to regular rail passengers.

Affordable Fare:

The Amrit Bharat trains are expected to have a fare lower than that of Rajdhani Express trains.


Key Highlights:

  • Amrit Bharat trains are designed with technology similar to the Vande Bharat trains.
  • The trains will operate at a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour.
  • The design of the toilets in Amrit Bharat trains is inspired by Vande Bharat trains.
  • The trains will have both forward and backward special SLR coaches, considering the needs of differently-abled passengers.


Enhanced Comfort and Efficiency:

With an average speed exceeding that of mail-express trains, Amrit Bharat trains are set to offer a swift journey. The implementation of the Pull-Push technology allows for quicker acceleration and deceleration, leading to an overall increase in average speed.

Ticket Prices:

Expect a 15-17% higher fare for Amrit Bharat trains compared to mail-express trains. The engine will sport the signature saffron color of the Vande Bharat, with saffron stripes on the upper and lower edges of the coach windows.

With these developments, Amrit Bharat trains promise to redefine rail travel in India, offering a balance of affordability, speed, and comfort.

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