Reliance Jio continues to entice its user base with a range of attractive plans, standing out among Indian telecom companies for offering both the most premium and the most affordable plans.

The spotlight today is on Jio’s cost-effective offering, designed for users seeking extended benefits without a hefty price tag. The Jio 395 Plan, an exceptional offer in the telecom market, provides users with extensive services for a full 84 days, a duration unmatched by competitors like Airtel and Vi.

Jio 395 Plan: A Closer Look

  • Extended Validity: The 395 Plan offers an impressive 84 days of validity, providing users with long-term connectivity without frequent recharge needs.


  • Data Benefits: Included in the plan are 6 GB of high-speed data, catering to users with moderate internet usage. Additionally, the plan boasts unlimited 5G data, making it an ideal choice for those with 5G handsets looking to enjoy high-speed internet without data caps.


  • Communication Services: Subscribers will enjoy unlimited calling benefits and 1000 SMS, ensuring seamless communication across networks throughout the plan’s duration.


  • OTT Subscriptions: The plan also includes free subscriptions to Jio’s OTT apps, including Jio TV, JioCinema, JioSecurity, and JioCloud, enriching the digital entertainment experience for users.


Recharging the Jio 395 Plan

Users can easily recharge with the Jio 395 Plan online or through the MyJio app, making access to this value plan straightforward and hassle-free.

This plan is part of Jio’s Value Pack category, highlighting the company’s commitment to offering affordable options to its customers.

It’s notable that no other telecom company offers a plan in this budget that matches the value provided by Jio’s 395 Plan

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