n a proactive effort to prioritize the safety of school children, Gurugram district recently conducted a comprehensive inspection campaign for school buses.

Led by DC Nishant Kumar Yadav and Police Commissioner Vikas Arora, the campaign aimed to uphold strict standards for transportation vehicles and ensure the well-being of young passengers. Here’s an overview of the key highlights:

1. Massive Inspection Effort:

A total of 1,260 buses from 143 schools came under scrutiny during the inspection drive. This extensive coverage underscored the commitment of Gurugram authorities to leave no stone unturned in their quest for ensuring safe transportation for children.

2. Stringent Enforcement Measures:

Out of the buses inspected, a significant number—406 buses—were found to be non-compliant with safety standards and were consequently challaned. Additionally, three buses were seized, signaling the seriousness with which violations are addressed.

3. Multi-Location Inspection:

The inspection operation spanned across five different locations strategically chosen to cover a wide geographic area. These locations included prominent spots such as the parking lots in front of Mini Secretariat, Laser Valley Ground, Tau Devi Lal Stadium parking, HSVP Sector 1 in Pataudi, and Tau Devi Lal Stadium in Sohna.

4. Adherence to Safety Checklist:

The buses underwent thorough scrutiny based on a comprehensive 24-point checklist derived from the Safe School Vehicle Policy. Any deviations from these standards led to the issuance of challans by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) and the Police Department.

5. Ongoing Commitment to Safety:

The inspection campaign is not a one-time event but part of a continuous effort to uphold safety standards. Gurugram authorities have reiterated their commitment to conducting regular inspections to ensure that only buses meeting all necessary standards are allowed to operate.

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