India’s Commerce and Industry Minister, Piyush Goyal, has stated that the country will not create policies specifically for American electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla. Instead, India’s laws and tariff regulations will be designed to attract all electric vehicle manufacturers.

Tesla has requested an initial fee concession in order to offset the high customs duties imposed on imported cars. Goyal emphasized that the government aims to encourage all electric vehicle manufacturers to come to India, as the adoption of battery-powered vehicles would reduce carbon emissions and the country’s crude oil import bill.


Ongoing Talks with Investors


Goyal revealed that several initiatives are currently underway to promote the electric vehicle ecosystem in India. The government is engaged in inter-ministerial consultations and discussions with stakeholders. Additionally, talks are being held with potential investors from Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and other countries.

India’s high duties on motor vehicles, which are intended to boost domestic manufacturing, have been a major concern for foreign car manufacturers.


Free to Demand, But No Special Treatment


Goyal clarified that the government does not create policies based on the interests of any specific company. While companies like Tesla are free to present their demands, it does not guarantee that the government will grant concessions.

Goyal’s response came in light of questions about whether the government would offer any special benefits to Tesla for establishing a manufacturing facility in India.


News Summary:
★India will not tailor its policies to favor Tesla or any specific electric vehicle manufacturer.
★The government aims to attract all electric vehicle manufacturers through favorable laws and tariff regulations.

★Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal stated that the government understands the importance of a strong electric vehicle ecosystem in reducing carbon emissions and the country’s crude oil import bill.
★Ongoing talks and initiatives are being pursued to promote electric vehicles in India, including discussions with potential investors from around the world.

★However, Goyal emphasized that companies like Tesla are free to present their demands, but it does not guarantee special treatment or concessions from the government.

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