Every day lakhs of people travel in the train. Many of these people take train service to cover very long distances. Trains operated by the Indian Railways are often late due to congestion, repairs or natural causes. Many times these trains run late for hours, so the passengers have to bear the brunt. That’s why railways provide free food facility to some special passengers when the train is late.

If you have a Rajdhani, Shatabdi or Duronto ticket and the train is delayed in reaching your station by 2 hours, the railways will provide you free food. Meals will be prepared according to lunch or dinner time. Not only this, you will also be given tea, coffee, and biscuits. So now if you are traveling by a premium train and the train gets late, you should take full advantage of this facility of the railways. Usually it is taken advantage of in winter. Because then due to mist and fog, trains often run very late.

Facility of waiting room
Indian Railways also provides free waiting room facility for its passengers when the train is late. You will get this facility at every major station. The waiting room will be AC ​​or non-AC depending on the class of your ticket. Separate waiting rooms have been made, and passengers have to show their tickets before entering.

You will get full refund
if your train is 3 hours or more late, you can cancel the ticket and take back the full fare. Earlier this facility was available only to those passengers who used to book tickets from the railway counter. Now, while expanding this, the Railways has also given this facility to those booking tickets online. Even if you miss your train due to any reason, you can get refund. For this, you must fill out the TDR form and submit it at the ticket counter within 1 hour of the train leaving the station.