While India boasts a rich culinary heritage and diverse agricultural produce, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of food products available in the market. Overthe years, the FSSAI has identified and banned several food items due to their potential health hazards.Here’sa closer look at 10 such banned foods:

1.Chinese Milk and Milk Products:

In 2008, FSSAI banned Chinese milk and milk products due to the presence of melamine, a toxic chemical often added to artificially inflate protein levels.Melamineposes serious health risks, and its import and sale remain prohibited in India.

2.Artificial Fruit Ripening Agents:

To expedite the ripening process, some vendors use artificial methods like calcium carbide and ethylene gas.However,these chemicals can cause cancer and pose significant health risks.Therefore,the use of such agents and the sale of artificially ripened fruits are strictly prohibited.

3.Chinese Garlic:

In 2019, FSSAI banned Chinese garlic due to high levels of pesticides. Excessive pesticide use can lead to severe health complications, including cancer. This ban aims to protect consumers from the harmful effects of contaminated garlic.

4.Energy Drinks:

While energy drinks offer a quick burst of energy, some brands have faced FSSAI bans due to excessive caffeine content.Onepopular energy drink was temporarily banned but later allowed back on the market after reformulating its ingredients. However, concerns remain about the potential health risks associated with excessive energy drink consumption.

5.Sassafras Oil:

Containing high levels of erucic acid, Sassafras oil was banned by FSSAI in 2003.Erucicacid can negatively impact heart health and increase the risk of heart disease.

6.Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs):

The FSSAI has adopted a cautious approach towards GMOs, imposing restrictions on their import and sale.Concernsregarding the potential health and environmental risks associated with GMOs have led to this cautious stance.

7.Potassium Bromate:

Used as a dough conditioner in bread and other baked goods, potassium bromate has been linked to cancer and is banned in India.

8.Foie Gras:

This delicacy, made from the fattened liver of ducks or geese, is banned in India due to concerns about animal welfare.

9.Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO):

BVO, a food additive used in citrus-flavored drinks, contains bromine, which can be harmful to health. Therefore,it is banned in India.

10.Rabbit Meat:

Rabbit meat is not allowed for sale or consumption in India due to religious and cultural considerations.

TheFSSAI continuously monitors food safety in India and takes appropriate action to protect consumers from harmful substances.Staying informed about banned food items and choosing safe and healthy options is crucial for ensuring well-being

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