Attention ICICI Bank credit cardholders! There’s an important update you need to know. Starting July 1, 2024, ICICI Bank will implement increased charges for certain services related to your credit card. The bank has already begun notifying customers via email.

Changes Effective from July 1, 2024

ICICI Bank has informed its customers that the charges for various credit card services will be revised from July 1, 2024. Here’s a detailed look at the upcoming changes:

Increased Charges for Specific Services 💸

  • Slip Charges: Customers will need to pay ₹100 per slip.
  • Check/Cash Pickup Charges: Each cash pickup will cost ₹100.
  • Dial-a-Draft Transaction Fees: A fee of 3% of the draft amount or a maximum of ₹300 will be applied.


  • Outstation Check Processing Fees: A fee of 1% of the check value or a maximum of ₹100 will be charged.
  • Duplicate Bank Statements: A fee of ₹100 will be charged for a duplicate bank statement for three months.


  • Card Replacement Fees: All card replacements will incur a fee of ₹200.
  • Emerald Private Metal Credit Card: The fee for this premium card will be ₹3,500.

Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Limit 💰

ICICI Bank has set the cash withdrawal limit from credit cards at 20% to 40% of the credit limit. For instance, if your credit limit is ₹1 lakh, you can withdraw between ₹20,000 to ₹40,000.

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