🌱 Embracing Eco-Friendly Transport: In a significant move to combat air pollution, the Bihar government has taken substantial steps to promote electric vehicles. These decisions include subsidies for electric vehicles, exemptions in motor vehicle tax, and the introduction of electric buses in public transportation.


  1. Subsidies for Two-Wheelers:
    • 🛵 The Bihar government has announced subsidies for two-wheeled electric vehicles.
    • 💸 General category individuals will receive ₹5,000, while SC/ST individuals will get ₹7,500.
    • 🏍️ This subsidy will be applicable to the first 10,000 vehicles.
  2. Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption:
    • 🚗 A significant exemption in motor vehicle tax has been announced for all types of electric vehicles.
    • 💰 Two-wheelers will get a 75% exemption, three-wheelers 50%, and four-wheelers up to 75%.
  3. Electric Buses in Public Transport:
    • 🚌 Under the Prime Minister Gati Shakti Plan, 400 electric buses will be introduced in 6 major cities of Bihar.
    • 💼 The funding will be shared, with 60% from the central government and 40% from the Bihar government.
  4. Expected Boost in Electric Vehicle Sales:
    • 🌟 These measures are anticipated to significantly boost the sale and purchase of electric vehicles in Bihar.
    • 🍃 The government believes these steps will aid in reducing pollution in the state.


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