India’s automotive landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, with the electric vehicle (EV) market experiencing unprecedented growth. As daily entries of new players into the electric vehicle segment become the norm, the demand for electric two-wheelers, in particular, is surging. Amid this electrifying rush, Hero MotoCorp, India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, is making significant strides.

Hero MotoCorp’s Electrified Vision

Hero MotoCorp has long been synonymous with reliability and innovation in the Indian two-wheeler market, thanks to its extensive range of petrol and diesel vehicles. However, recognizing the shifting consumer preferences towards more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation options, Hero has boldly entered the electric vehicle segment.

The company’s initial foray into the electric scooter market has already garnered positive responses, indicating a promising start in this new direction.

The Electric Transformation of a Legend: Hero Splendor

The Splendor, one of Hero MotoCorp’s most iconic and best-selling models, is reportedly undergoing an electric makeover. This bike, which has been a staple on Indian roads for decades, owes its popularity to its reliability, affordability, and the emotional connection it has established with its riders.

The potential launch of an electric version of the Splendor is a testament to Hero’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

VIDA: The New Electric Chapter

Hero MotoCorp recently unveiled VIDA, its new electric two-wheeler brand, sparking speculation and excitement about the possible electric reincarnation of the Splendor under this new banner. Though official details about the electric Splendor are yet to be disclosed, the anticipation among enthusiasts and potential customers is palpable.

Imagining the Future: Hero Splendor Electric

Renderings of the electric Splendor, conceptualized by Vinay Raj Somashekar, have fueled public imagination and demand for Hero MotoCorp to make this vision a reality.

These artistic interpretations suggest that the electric Splendor could retain much of its classic design while incorporating modern electric propulsion technologies.

Speculations suggest that the bike could feature a 9 kWh battery pack, supplemented by a 2 kWh emergency backup, and offer a range of 120 to 180 km per charge, depending on the variant.

A Sustainable Price Point

While only speculative at this stage, pricing will play a crucial role in the electric Splendor’s market success. If Hero MotoCorp manages to price this electric bike competitively, aligning it closely with its petrol counterpart, it could significantly accelerate the adoption of electric two-wheelers in India. Estimates suggest a price range of INR 1 to 1.5 lakh could be expected.

The Road Ahead

As of now, the electric Splendor exists only in renderings and the imaginations of eager fans. Without official confirmation from Hero MotoCorp, the launch date remains a subject of speculation. However, the very notion of an electric Splendor reflects a broader trend in India’s automotive industry towards electric mobility.

Hero MotoCorp’s explorations into electric two-wheelers, exemplified by the potential launch of an electric Splendor, signify a crucial pivot in the company’s strategy, aligning with the global shift towards sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

In a country where two-wheelers play a pivotal role in daily commutes, Hero MotoCorp’s foray into the electric vehicle market, particularly with a beloved model like the Splendor, could mark a significant milestone in India’s electric mobility journey. As we await official news, the anticipation builds for what could be a landmark moment in the evolution of India’s two-wheeler market.

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