Bajaj Auto is ready to transform the Indian two-wheeler market with its groundbreaking CNG motorcycle. This innovative bike promises to change the game with its eco-friendly and budget-conscious approach. Let’s dive into the details of this upcoming revolution.

Why a Bajaj CNG Bike?

  • Skyrocketing Fuel Prices: With petrol prices constantly on the rise, Bajaj aims to provide a more affordable alternative. CNG offers significantly cheaper running costs compared to petrol.
  • Environmental Awareness: CNG emits fewer pollutants compared to traditional petrol engines, making it an environmentally responsible choice.
  • Growing CNG Infrastructure: India’s CNG fueling infrastructure is rapidly expanding, ensuring greater accessibility for CNG vehicle owners.


Expected Features and Specifications

  • Engine: While Bajaj hasn’t officially revealed the engine specifications, speculations suggest it’ll likely be based on an existing 100-110cc petrol engine modified for CNG operation.
  • Performance: Expect performance similar to current 100-110cc petrol motorcycles, ensuring adequate power for daily commutes and even occasional highway rides.


  • CNG Tank Placement: The CNG tank will likely be integrated under the seat, maintaining a practical design.
  • Design: Spy shots suggest a design similar to the Bajaj Platina, with potential minor changes to accommodate the CNG system.
  • Features: Expect features like a digital instrument cluster and possibly basic connectivity options.


Pricing and Launch

  • Estimated Price: Bajaj is likely to price its CNG bike aggressively, potentially around ₹80,000 (ex-showroom). This would make it a compelling option in the budget-friendly commuter segment.
  • Expected Launch Timeline: The Bajaj CNG bike is expected to be launched in India sometime between April and June 2024.


Who Should Consider a Bajaj CNG Bike?

    • Cost-conscious commuters: If you prioritize low running costs and affordable ownership, the Bajaj CNG bike could be a huge money saver.
    • Environmentally-minded riders: For those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, a CNG bike is a greener alternative to petrol bikes.
    • Urban dwellers: In cities with good CNG infrastructure, this bike will be incredibly convenient and easy on the wallet


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