Big Announcement: Moving Information System to Ensure Safe Driving

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made a significant announcement regarding safe driving. They have proposed the installation of a Moving Information System (MOIS) in certain categories of four-wheelers during the manufacturing process. This system will provide timely warnings in case of accidents, reducing the risk of collisions with pedestrians and cyclists. The Ministry has outlined the standards for MOIS in a draft, which will be finalized after public consultation.

What is MOIS?

  • MOIS is a system that alerts drivers about nearby pedestrians and cyclists, allowing them to detect and notify their presence.
  • If necessary, the system warns the driver about a potential collision based on the manufacturer’s strategy.

Importance for Road Safety

The proposed MOIS is an important step towards improving road safety, especially for vulnerable road users (VRUs) such as pedestrians and cyclists. Despite the increase in the number of mirrors in vehicles to enhance visibility, accidents still occur. Therefore, the use of assistance systems like MOIS is crucial in preventing accidents involving VRUs.

Rising Road Accident Statistics in India

The Road Ministry’s proposal holds even greater significance due to the alarming increase in road accidents in India. It is estimated that the number of road accidents will rise by 12% to over 4.6 lakh in 2022. This means that last year, an average of 19 people died every hour in road accidents. The implementation of MOIS can help address this issue and save countless lives.

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