Known for revolutionizing two-wheeler and auto-rickshaw services, Rapido makes a bold move into the cab industry. This marks a significant step in Rapido’s mission to offer an intra-city solution for all commuting needs.

🚗 Rapido Cab Fleet Hits the Streets! 🌍

With a commanding 60% market share in bike taxis, Rapido is now expanding its horizon by launching Rapido Cabs across India, starting with an impressive fleet of 1 lakh vehicles.

This expansion not only diversifies Rapido’s offerings but also aims to establish the company as a go-to platform for a wide range of transportation needs, ensuring affordability for passengers while benefiting the company.

💻 What is SaaS-Based Platform? 🌐

Rapido Cabs stands out with its innovative SaaS (Software as a Service)-based platform, featuring a zero-commission model for cab captains. This platform acts as a seamless intermediary, connecting drivers and customers without exercising control over the marketplace.

🤝 Become a Partner with a Modest Membership Fee 💸

Within the Rapido ecosystem, drivers enjoy the freedom of direct payments from customers, without any intervention from Rapido.

However, to maintain this model and continue providing exceptional service, drivers are required to pay a modest membership fee. For instance, a mere 500 rupees fee is charged on earnings of 10,000 rupees through the Rapido app.

This approach ensures drivers receive the full value of their service, empowering them to maximize their earning potential.

🎉 Revolutionizing the Commission System 🚀

Co-founder of Rapido, Pawan Guntupalli, expresses his excitement about the pan-India launch of Rapido Cabs following the immense success of their bike taxi and auto services.

“Our innovative SaaS-based platform revolutionizes the traditional commission system for drivers, tackling the persistent challenge of commission sharing with aggregators,” he says.

This pioneering approach prioritizes affordability for customers and ensures the lowest price guarantee, making the services exceptionally accessible to all.

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