Residents of Delhi-NCR experienced a sudden shift in weather this Sunday as the skies turned cloudy in the afternoon, bringing along a noticeable drop in temperature. Accompanied by gusty winds filled with dust, the change has added a chill to the air, marking a departure from the recent warm spell.

The Meteorological Department has forecasted the possibility of light rain within the next two to three hours, adding to the anticipation of a refreshing change.

Cloud Movement and Rain Forecast

According to the Meteorological Department, clouds moving in from the west are set to traverse through Delhi, reaching Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and surrounding areas in the NCR within the next few hours.

This movement is expected to bring with it winds traveling at speeds of 30-40 km/h, accompanied by light showers. This forecasted weather pattern promises to bring some respite from the heat, making for a pleasant change in the region’s climate.

Temperature Readings and Comparisons

Sunday’s weather conditions saw the maximum temperature recorded at 34.1 degrees Celsius, which is three degrees below the normal range for this time of the year. The minimum temperature dipped to 16.9 degrees Celsius.

Interestingly, just a day before, on Saturday, the maximum temperature had reached 34.1 degrees Celsius, marking it as the highest for the season and three degrees above the normal. The minimum temperature was noted at 16.2 degrees Celsius, slightly below the usual range by one degree.

This fluctuation in temperature, coupled with the forecasted weather changes, underscores the dynamic nature of Delhi-NCR’s climate. As residents brace for the potential rain, there is a sense of anticipation for the cooler weather it promises.

Such meteorological shifts are not just a relief from the preceding heat but also a reminder of the region’s susceptibility to sudden weather changes. People are advised to stay updated with the latest weather forecasts and plan their activities accordingly, ensuring they are prepared for any sudden climatic variations

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