Greater Noida is set to witness a significant leap in its transport infrastructure as the North Central Railway (NCR) plans to lay a 61-kilometer railway track connecting the Noida International Airport in Jewar with the Delhi-Howrah and Delhi-Mumbai corridors. Initially proposed to pass through the heart of the airport project, the corridor is now slated for rerouting either around the project’s perimeter or underground, addressing concerns raised by the Noida International Airport Limited (NIAL).


Key Highlights:

  • Strategic Rail Expansion: The 61-kilometer track will enhance multi-modal connectivity between Jewar Airport and other cities, bolstering the airport’s accessibility and regional transport efficiency.


  • Rerouting Considerations: Initially set to traverse the airport project, adjustments are being made to circumvent potential disruptions, with proposals for an alternative path outside the project area or an underground route.


  • Comprehensive Survey and Report: The North Central Railway will conduct a detailed survey to finalize the corridor’s path, ensuring minimal impact on the airport construction and operational dynamics.


  • Connecting Major Corridors: The railway line will start from the Chola station on the Delhi-Howrah route and extend to the Rundhi station on the Delhi-Mumbai route, covering distances of 28 kilometers from Chola to Jewar and 33 kilometers from Jewar to Rundhi.


  • Addressing Project Concerns: NIAL’s objection to the initial route due to potential adverse effects on the airport project highlights the importance of strategic planning in infrastructure development to avoid hindrances.


The introduction of this rail link represents a pivotal development in enhancing the connectivity and functionality of the Noida International Airport, promising to significantly improve the travel experience for passengers and facilitate smoother transport logistics.


As this project progresses, it symbolizes a strategic move towards creating a robust transport network that caters to the growing demands of the region, potentially setting a precedent for future infrastructure projects in terms of planning, execution, and stakeholder collaboration.

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