If you use a two-wheeler, it is crucial to be aware that modifications could lead to hefty fines. Here’s what you need to know about the updated traffic challan rules for modified motorcycles:

Key Details of New Traffic Challan Rules:

  • Hefty Fines for Modifications: Motorcycles that have been modified in any form are being targeted by the police, who can easily identify such modifications from a distance. Fines for such modifications can go up to ₹25,000.


  • License Cancellation: In addition to fines, there are provisions for the cancellation of the driver’s license if found guilty of modifications.

Specific Modifications That Could Lead to Fines:

  • Fancy Number Plates: Any fancy or non-standard number plate is considered illegal. Number plates should clearly display all digits without any fancy stylings and must be certified by the RTO.
  • Modified Silencers: Silencers, particularly those modified to increase noise, like those often seen on Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles, are severely penalized. Such modifications can lead to significant fines and the vehicle being impounded.


  • General Vehicle Modifications: Any modification done to the vehicle that alters its original design or operation is deemed illegal under the new traffic rules. This includes aesthetic changes, performance enhancements, or safety feature alterations.

Advise for Two-Wheeler Owners:

  • Avoid Modifications: It is highly advised against modifying bikes in ways that are not compliant with regulations. Standard configurations are safest and avoid the risk of legal issues.
  • Be Informed: Stay updated on the legal requirements and changes in traffic laws to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.


Penalty and Enforcement:

  • The penalty for non-compliance can be harsh, including fines up to ₹25,000 and possible vehicle seizure.
  • Traffic police are actively enforcing these rules, and any non-standard modifications can easily attract fines and legal action.


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