The Narayana Flyover on the Ring Road in New Delhi is set to undergo repair work starting this Wednesday. The repair is expected to take about 20 days, potentially impacting traffic between Dhaula Kuan and Raja Garden. Additionally, ongoing construction on another flyover at Punjabi Bagh is expected to exacerbate traffic issues.


Traffic Diversion Plans:

  1. From Dhaula Kuan: Motorists can divert through Delhi Cantt, taking Jail Road to reach Mayapuri Chowk on the Ring Road.
  2. Alternate Route: Another viable route from Dhaula Kuan is via Vandemataram Marg through Loha Mandi to reach Mayapuri Chowk.


The traffic police have granted permission for the repairs, which are deemed crucial. Starting May 1st, one section of the flyover (from Delhi Cantt towards Raja Garden) will be closed. Traffic on the other side (from Raja Garden towards Dhaula Kuan) will continue as usual.

Impact on Commuters:

The closure is expected to affect traffic significantly, especially along the stretch from Delhi Cantt Metro Station to Punjabi Bagh, where traffic congestion is already common due to ongoing flyover construction.

PWD has been urged by the traffic police to complete the repair work within the stipulated time to minimize disruption. The authorities are concerned about potential delays in repair work completion, as such delays have occurred in the past. Commuters are advised to plan their routes accordingly to avoid significant delays.

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