Investors who favor dividend-paying stocks have good news. Bosch Ltd is currently trading ex-dividend in the stock markets as of Friday. The company has declared a dividend of Rs 205 per share. The past year has been fruitful for the company’s positional investors. Here are the details about the company:

Record Date Set by the Company

Bosch Ltd informed the stock markets that a dividend of Rs 205 per share would be distributed. The announced record date for this dividend is February 23, 2023, which is today.

This means that investors holding the company’s shares as of today will be eligible for the dividend. The record date signifies the date on which the company checks its records to identify its shareholders.

A History of Dividend Distribution

Bosch Ltd has a history of distributing substantial dividends. In 2023, the company disbursed dividends totaling Rs 480 per share in two installments. Bosch Ltd first traded as an ex-dividend stock on April 21, 2001, distributing a dividend of Rs 31 among eligible investors. The tradition of distributing dividends has continued to this day.

Strong Performance in the Stock Market

On Thursday, the company’s share price closed at Rs 28,465.15, up 1.41%. Over the past year, Bosch Ltd has delivered returns of over 55% to its positional investors. Furthermore, Bosch Ltd’s share price has increased by 25% within just a month.

The company’s 52-week high in the stock markets is Rs 29,199.95 per share, with a 52-week low level of Rs 17,490.90 per share. Bosch Ltd’s market capitalization stands at Rs 83,954.97 crore.

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