Ford’s re-entry into the Indian market has been a hot topic, with much speculation about the models they might bring back.While the Endeavour (Everest) and Ranger pickup are confirmed, the fate of affordable options like the Ecosport, Freestyle, and Aspire remains uncertain.

Newreports suggest that Ford might not bring back any petrol/diesel models positioned below the Endeavour in India.Their focus seems to be solely on T6 platform-based vehicles like the Everest and Ranger.This means the Ecosport , Aspire, and Freestyle are unlikely to see a comeback.

Several factors contribute to this decision:

  • Focus on T6 Platform: Ford’s strategy seems to be centered around larger, more profitable vehicles built on the T6 platform.Bringing back smaller cars would require significant investment in platform and technology upgrades, which might not align with their current goals.


  • Selling Sanand Plant: Ford has already sold its Sanand plant, where the Ecosport was manufactured.This signifies a shift away from affordable car production in India.


  • EV Plans: Ford appears to be focusing on introducing EVs in India , potentially taking advantage of the new EV policy that allows import of 8000 units at a reduced custom duty.


While the Ecosport was a popular choice in its segment, its return seems unlikely.Ford’s strategy seems to be shifting towards larger vehicles and EVs, leaving the fate of the Ecosport and other affordable models uncertain.

However,it’ s important to note that these are just reports, and Ford hasn’t officially confirmed their India plans.There’s still a possibility that the Ecosport could make a comeback in a new avatar, especially if the demand for affordable EVs surges.

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