Starting 1st March, Delhi’s parking system is set to undergo a significant transformation. The Delhi Municipal Corporation has announced that all surface and multilevel parking facilities under its jurisdiction will adopt digital payment methods for parking fees. This initiative begins with 21 surface parking areas and will eventually expand to encompass all parking facilities managed by the corporation.


Implementing Fastag for Parking Fees

  • Initial Implementation: The new system, incorporating Fastag, kicks off in 21 surface parking areas, allowing drivers to pay parking fees directly from their Fastag accounts.


  • Future Expansion: Plans are in place to integrate this system across all parking facilities, including the over 400 managed by the corporation. This includes around 15 multilevel parking facilities and the remaining surface parking areas.
  • Advantages of Fastag: The use of Fastag for parking fees means automatic deductions from linked accounts, saving time and reducing congestion issues.


Locations Implementing the New System

  1. East of Kailash: Near a cinema hall.
  2. Dwarka Sector: Surface parking in Sectors 4, 12, 13, and at Metro stations.
  3. Subhash Nagar: Multilevel parking.
  4. Other notable locations include Rajendra Place, Geeta Colony, Janakpuri District Center, Sultanpuri, Dilshad Garden, and Old Delhi Railway Station.


Benefits of the New System

  • Efficiency: The Fastag-based system is expected to streamline the parking fee process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.
  • Time-saving: Automated fee deduction will save time for drivers and reduce traffic congestion at parking exits.
  • Future Plans: The Delhi Municipal Corporation aims to incorporate this system in all its parking facilities within a year, modernizing the entire parking infrastructure in the city.


This move towards digitalization of parking fee collection by the Delhi Municipal Corporation marks a significant step in enhancing the urban infrastructure and making daily commutes more convenient for the citizens. This initiative is also expected to support the broader vision of digital India and smart city projects.

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