Exciting news for bike enthusiasts! India is set to witness the launch of its first-ever CNG bike, a groundbreaking venture by Bajaj Auto. Initially planned for a 2025 release, Bajaj has preponed its plans, and the bike is now expected to hit the roads between April and June this year.


Unveiling Bajaj’s CNG Bike:

  • Launch Timeline: Bajaj Auto is gearing up to launch its inaugural CNG motorcycle within the second quarter of this year, speeding up its original timeline.
  • Engine Specifications: While Bajaj has yet to disclose the exact engine capacity, industry sources speculate that the CNG bike could range between 100cc to 160cc.


  • Mileage and Cost Efficiency: Bajaj is renowned for its fuel-efficient bikes like Platina and CT100. The upcoming CNG bike is anticipated to offer exceptional mileage at a competitive price, setting a new benchmark in the cost-effective transport sector.

How Does a CNG Bike Work?

  • CNG Engine Mechanism: Unlike petrol engines, a CNG bike operates on a Compressed Natural Gas engine. This engine uses CNG stored in a tank installed within the bike’s frame, making it an eco-friendly alternative to conventional fuels.


  • Operational Dynamics: The CNG is mixed with air in a mixer before being sent to the combustion chamber. The mixture is then ignited by a spark plug, generating energy to power the bike.


India’s Shift Towards Alternative Fuels:

  • Reducing Dependence on Fossil Fuels: India is steering away from its reliance on petrol and diesel. The government is emphasizing alternative fuels like electric, flex-fuel, and CNG to pave the way for a sustainable automotive future.


  • Bajaj’s Pioneering Move: The launch of Bajaj’s CNG bike is poised to be a significant milestone, heralding a new era of innovation and sustainability in the Indian automobile sector.


Bajaj Auto’s introduction of a CNG motorcycle is not just a step towards innovation but also a giant leap towards promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions in India.

This initiative aligns with the nation’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint and transitioning to cleaner energy sources, making it a landmark development in India’s automotive history.

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