A powerful dust storm struck New Delhi late on Friday night, disrupting traffic and causing widespread damage throughout the capital. The high-velocity winds, which reached up to 92 kilometers per hour at the Palam center, uprooted trees and interrupted power supply, significantly affecting daily activities and safety across large swathes of the city.

Key Developments:

  • Traffic and Power Disruptions: Numerous areas in the city experienced uprooted trees, which blocked roads and hindered traffic flow. Power outages were reported in several parts of the city, adding to the chaos caused by the storm.
  • Impact on Commuters: The storm brought with it large amounts of dust and flying debris, making it especially difficult for two-wheeler riders to navigate the roads. Motorists were forced to pull over and wait out the storm due to the reduced visibility and hazardous road conditions.

Weather Outlook:

According to the meteorological department, the capital is expected to experience strong winds accompanied by light rain for the next two days. This is anticipated to lead to a drop in temperatures, providing relief from the prevailing heat. A yellow alert has been issued to warn residents of potential severe weather conditions.

Broader Regional Impact:

The storm is part of a larger pattern influenced by a Western Disturbance, which is expected to bring changes across the northern parts of the country. Weather activities such as snowfall and heavy rains might occur in the Himalayan regions, indicating a significant shift in the weather pattern.

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