In a bid to enhance road safety and ensure compliance with traffic regulations, the Delhi Traffic Police has launched a special campaign targeting vehicles with obscured or faulty number plates. The campaign, which began this year, has seen a substantial increase in the number of challans issued compared to the previous year.

Daily Crackdown on Offenders ๐Ÿ“…

On average, more than 110 vehicles are being issued challans daily for using defective number plates. This represents a staggering 386% increase in enforcement actions compared to the year 2023.

The traffic police are focusing on vehicles with incorrect, worn-out, or improperly designed number plates.

Objectives of the Campaign ๐ŸŽฏ

The primary goal of this initiative is to ensure road safety and adherence to traffic laws. Vehicles with faulty number plates not only violate traffic regulations but can also be used in criminal activities. The crackdown includes:


  • Incorrect Number Plates: Plates with wrong registration numbers.
  • Faded Numbers: Plates with numbers that are not clearly visible.
  • Improper Designs: Plates with designs that do not comply with legal standards.


Importance of Compliance โœ…

Using correct and legible number plates is crucial for:

  • Road Safety: Proper identification of vehicles ensures safer roads.
  • Law Enforcement: Helps in tracking and identifying vehicles involved in violations or crimes.
  • Public Security: Deters the use of vehicles in unlawful activities.

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