The capital city of Delhi continues to grapple with severe air pollution, with the Air Quality Index (AQI) remaining in the ‘severe’ category. In response to the deteriorating air quality, the Delhi government is seriously contemplating the reintroduction of the Odd-Even vehicle regulation.

Government Deliberations on Odd-Even Scheme

A senior official from the government stated that if pollution levels do not subside, the implementation of the Odd-Even rule will be considered. Environment Minister Gopal Rai acknowledged pollution as a significant issue and confirmed that all possible solutions, including the Odd-Even rule, are being evaluated to mitigate the crisis.

Previous Implementations and Public Role

The Odd-Even rule was previously enforced from November 4 to 15 in 2019, and prior to that, from January 1 to 15 and April 15 to 30 in 2016. However, the scheme did not achieve its objectives as successfully as anticipated. The system operates on the principle that vehicles with odd and even number plates are allowed on the roads on alternate days.

Public Cooperation and Responsibility

Minister Rai emphasized the collective responsibility to curb pollution and urged the public to play their part. He highlighted that any campaign’s success hinges on public cooperation.

Important Information Table

Aspect Details
AQI Status Severe
Proposed Solution Odd-Even Rule
Previous Implementation Nov 4-15, 2019; Jan 1-15 & Apr 15-30, 2016
Public Role Essential for the success of the scheme
Government Stance Considering all options to reduce pollution

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