Indian Railways has announced the operation of a special train service between Anand Vihar Terminal and Patna. This service will facilitate travel between these two cities with a total of 18 trips planned.

Schedule Details

  • From Anand Vihar to Patna: Train number 04094 will depart from Anand Vihar every Monday from 29th April to 24th June.
  • From Patna to Anand Vihar: Train number 04093 will depart from Patna every Tuesday from 30th April to 25th June.

This special train aims to accommodate the increased passenger demand during this period, ensuring efficient and comfortable travel for its passengers.


Indian Railways is set to offer economical and nutritious meals to the millions of passengers who travel daily across the country. This initiative aims to provide clean and affordable food options readily available at various platforms, particularly near the general category coaches.


Meal Options and Pricing:

  • Economy Meal: Priced at ₹20, the meal includes seven puris, dry potato curry, and pickle.
  • Snacks Meal: Available for ₹50, this 350-gram meal includes options like rice with rajma or chole, khichdi, kulche or bhature with chole, pav bhaji, or masala dosa.
  • Drinking Water: A 200 ml glass of water is available at ₹3.


The initiative by the Northern Railway, as stated by Chief Spokesperson Deepak Kumar, is designed to make traveling easier and more comfortable for passengers, providing them with affordable meal options during their journeys.

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