If you are in Delhi, then be sure that your house can also be checked. A new inspection campaign has started in Delhi to prevent mosquito born disease. The inspection campaign team, is checking for still waters, and other places where mosquitoes can breed.

Efforts to combat mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, malaria, and chikungunya have commenced with vigor. The Municipal Corporation has issued over 2,000 challans upon the discovery of larvae breeding. However, while challans are being issued for larvae breeding in households, awareness remains lacking.

The weekly reports on dengue and malaria, which were previously issued every week starting from August last year, have been halted. Senior officials from the Municipal Corporation have stated that efforts are underway to raise awareness among the public regarding this matter.

Before inspection team arrives, please make sure you change the water of your water cooler and other places where it is dumped for more than three days to make sure you are not fine, and also you are safe enough from mosquito borne disease.

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