In a robust move to combat illegal constructions, the Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMC) has significantly escalated its demolition campaign in February, following the successful razing of nearly 500 unauthorized structures in January.

The ongoing efforts underline the corporation’s dedication to enforcing legal building practices and reclaiming public land.

January’s Sweeping Actions

The DMC’s campaign targets illegally partitioned colonies on agricultural land, a practice that has long plagued the city’s development and legal framework.

In January 2024 alone, the DMC executed demolition operations on 495 structures, conducted sealing actions on 137 properties, and took action against 69 cases of illegal plotting.

This concerted effort freed up approximately 125 acres of land from unauthorized plotting, and legal proceedings were initiated against 65 individuals involved in these illicit activities.

February’s Continued Efforts

The first eight days of February saw the DMC maintaining its vigorous pace, with 121 illegal constructions demolished and 35 properties sealed. This has resulted in the liberation of an additional 18 acres of land from encroachment.

The crackdown is not confined to a single area but spans across various parts of Delhi, including Dera, Mandi, Bhati, Chattarpur, Jonapur, Jaitpur, Meethapur, Burari, Narela, Bhalswa, Kadipur, Alipur, Jindpur, and Bhor Garh, indicating a city-wide sweep against unauthorized constructions.

Overcoming Resistance

Despite encountering resistance from citizens in some areas attempting to halt the demolition drive, the DMC officials reported that the campaign was carried out with complete success.

This underscores the municipal corporation’s resolve to persist in its efforts, irrespective of the challenges posed by those opposed to the crackdown on illegal constructions.

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