NEW DELHI: The Delhi government is set to implement the ‘Premium Bus Aggregator Scheme’ in the city, offering commuters a comfortable and convenient travel experience with confirmed seats in app-based premium buses. The initiative aims to encourage the use of public transportation and reduce traffic congestion in the national capital.

Under the new scheme, commuters will be able to book a confirmed seat on a premium bus using a dedicated mobile app, ensuring hassle-free travel across Delhi. These premium buses will offer enhanced comfort, on-time service, and a higher standard of cleanliness compared to regular public transportation.

The ‘Premium Bus Aggregator Scheme’ is expected to attract more people towards public transport, especially those who rely on personal vehicles for their daily commute. By providing a comfortable and convenient alternative to private cars, the Delhi government hopes to ease traffic congestion and reduce air pollution in the city.

In addition to confirmed seats, the premium buses are likely to offer amenities such as free Wi-Fi, charging points for electronic devices, and air-conditioning, making the commute more enjoyable for passengers.

The Delhi government is working to finalize the operational details of the scheme, including the selection of bus operators, fare structure, and routes. Once implemented, the ‘Premium Bus Aggregator Scheme’ is expected to significantly improve the city’s public transportation experience and contribute to a more sustainable urban environment.

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