In a significant move towards enhancing eco-friendly public transport, the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) will soon integrate an additional 1540 electric buses into its fleet.

Expected to be delivered within the next two to three months, these buses will be allocated to various depots across the city. This addition will raise the total number of electric buses in the DTC fleet to over 2800, a significant leap from the current count of 1300.

Electrification Milestone

DTC officials are optimistic that the new electric buses will not only make commuting more convenient for passengers but will also help in enhancing the infrastructure for charging these buses.

As the fleet of electric buses expands, the corresponding number of charging stations at the depots will be increased accordingly. Existing depots with charging stations will see a boost in their charging capacities, while upcoming buses will also be accommodated with necessary charging facilities.

Environmental Impact and Future Plans

The introduction of electric buses is also expected to contribute significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions in the capital.

Anuj Sinha, DTC’s Chief General Manager, revealed that the corporation is set to receive 500 new 12-meter electric buses and about 1040 smaller electric buses (9 meters in length) within the next few months.

The supply of these shorter buses is projected to be completed within three months, with each bus capable of seating 20 passengers.

Phasing Out CNG Buses

In line with its vision for a cleaner environment, DTC plans to phase out CNG buses systematically. The corporation has not procured any new CNG buses in the past 8-10 years and is now gradually retiring the existing ones as they reach the end of their operational life.

By 2025, DTC aims to have a fully electric bus fleet, thereby reinforcing its commitment to sustainable urban mobility.

Future Enhancements and Implementation

The procurement and rollout of these electric buses are being coordinated with the respective supplier companies to ensure a smooth transition. With the first batch of 500 large buses expected to be delivered by June, and the consistent supply of 1040 smaller buses over the next three months, DTC’s plan of enhancing its fleet is well on track.

Each delivery phase will be matched with strategic deployment to various depots, ensuring that different routes across the city see the benefits of electric buses. This structured approach aims to maximize the reach and efficiency of DTC’s transport network, providing Delhi’s residents with a reliable and environmentally friendly commuting option.

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