Cyber Attacks on Government Departments and Private Portals During G-20 Summit

New Delhi: Several government departments and private portals experienced cyber attacks during the G-20 summit. The agencies responsible for cybersecurity failed to prevent the attacks, leading to temporary disruptions in services.

Multiple Cyber Attacks on Delhi Police Website

  • During the G-20 summit, the official website of Delhi Police faced three to four cyber attacks.
  • Each attack lasted for 10-30 minutes, causing temporary inaccessibility of the website.
  • A group of hackers called “Team Insane PK” claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Government Websites Targeted

Apart from the Delhi Police website, other government websites, including Mumbai Police, were also targeted during the conference.

The Home Ministry activated a team to counter the attacks and restore the functioning of the affected websites.

Pakistan-Based Hackers Behind the Attacks

The hackers responsible for the attacks are believed to be based in Pakistan.

They utilized distributed denial of services (DDoS) attacks and destructible attacks to target the websites.

The Delhi Police website was attacked using the DDoS method, leading to a temporary display of the message “This service is not available.”

Efforts to Restore and Prevent Further Attacks

The Delhi Police, in collaboration with Home Ministry officials, successfully restored the website within minutes of each attack.

The authorities suspect that the attacks were aimed at defaming Delhi Police and India as the host of the G-20 summit.

Despite their efforts, the firewall was breached again, resulting in the access of important data by the hackers.

Investigations are underway, and the matter has been referred to higher officials at DRDO and CERT-In.

The hackers responsible for the attacks have a Telegram channel where they claimed responsibility for the cyber attacks.

Citizen Convenience Portals on Delhi Police Website

The Delhi Police website provides various portals for citizens, policemen, traffic police, and the Economic Offenses Wing.

  • These portals offer services such as viewing FIRs, complaints, e-theft FIRs, RTI information, and details about unknown persons.
  • Other services include the seizure of found and unclaimed vehicles, access to police circulars, court judgments, and police orders.

Efforts are ongoing to identify the hackers and strengthen cybersecurity measures to prevent future attacks on government websites.

Police authorities are collaborating with DRDO and CERT-In to address the issue.

News Summary:

  • Multiple cyber attacks occurred during the G-20 summit on government departments and private portals.
  • Delhi Police website faced three to four cyber attacks, causing temporary disruptions.
  • “Team Insane PK”, a group of hackers based in Pakistan, claimed responsibility for the attacks.
  • Efforts are underway to restore affected websites and prevent further attacks.
  • The Delhi Police website offers various portals for citizen convenience, including viewing FIRs and accessing police services.
  • Investigations are ongoing, and authorities are collaborating with DRDO and CERT-In to address the issue.

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