In a significant development aimed at alleviating traffic congestion, the road from Gwal Pahari village to Andheria More in Delhi on the Gurugram-Faridabad route will be expanded to six lanes.

Currently, this road is only two lanes wide. The widening of this road will greatly ease the movement of vehicles between Gurugram and Delhi, preventing them from getting stuck in traffic jams.

Key Points of the Road Expansion

  • Current Road Width: Presently, the width of this road varies between 7.5 meters and 10 meters in different sections. This inconsistency often leads to traffic jams, especially on the Delhi side.


  • Traffic Volume: Approximately one lakh vehicles enter Delhi daily via the Gwal Pahari-Andheria More road, with an equal number traveling to Gurugram. This heavy traffic flow often results in congestion at the Delhi border.


  • Proposed Expansion: The road will be widened to a uniform width of 30 meters along its entire 8.8-kilometer length. This expansion will create a six-lane road, with three lanes on each side.


  • Funding and Execution: An amount of 50 crore rupees has been allocated from the Urban Development Fund to the Delhi PWD (Public Works Department) for this project.


Benefits of the Road Expansion

  • Reduction in Traffic Jams: The expansion from two lanes to six lanes will significantly reduce the traffic congestion on this route. Commuters will experience smoother and quicker travel between Gurugram and Delhi.


  • Improved Connectivity: With a wider road, the connectivity between Gurugram and Delhi will improve, facilitating better and more efficient transportation for daily commuters.


  • Economic Growth: Improved road infrastructure will likely lead to enhanced economic activities, as smoother transportation will benefit businesses and industries dependent on timely movement of goods and personnel.


  • Enhanced Safety: A wider road with more lanes will also contribute to safer driving conditions, reducing the risk of accidents caused by congestion and narrow roadways.

Official Statement

The widening project of the Gwal Pahari-Andheria More road marks a significant infrastructure improvement. The funds allocated to the Delhi PWD department ensure that the project will be executed efficiently, providing much-needed relief to daily commuters and contributing to the overall development of the region.

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