Delhi-NCR is bracing for a series of weather changes that promise a brief respite from the approaching summer heat. Over the next five days, the city is expected to witness a dip in temperatures, with light showers adding a refreshing twist to the city’s climate. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming weather patterns:


🌡️ A Dip in Temperature 🌡️

  • Cooler Days Ahead: Weather experts forecast that the minimum temperature will stay below 20°C for the next five days, providing a cool relief during the early mornings and evenings.
  • A Slight Increase Observed: Despite the overall cool forecast, Wednesday saw a temperature rise by three degrees, with a maximum temperature hitting 36.6°C, three degrees above the normal.


🌧️ Light Showers on the Horizon 🌧️

  • Rainfall Predicted: Light drizzling accompanied by strong winds is expected on April 5th, likely causing a slight drop in temperature.
  • Refreshing Change: This anticipated rainfall promises to lower the temperature, making the weather more enjoyable for residents and tourists alike.


🌬️ Windy Conditions to Prevail 🌬️

  • Breezy Weekend: Starting Friday, strong winds are expected to sweep through the city, further aiding in keeping the temperature down.
  • Clear Skies: From Saturday to Monday, the sky is expected to remain clear, paving the way for sunny days ahead.


📈 Temperature to Rise Post-Monday 📈

  • Warmer Days Coming: Post the brief cool period, temperatures, both maximum and minimum, are expected to rise, marking the onset of warmer days.


📊 Impact on Daily Life 📊

The upcoming weather changes are a mixed bag for Delhi-NCR residents. While the cooler nights and the possibility of rainfall bring joy, the gradual increase in temperature is a reminder of the impending summer heat.

The weather department advises enjoying the cool spell while it lasts, as warmer days are just around the corner.

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