Last Saturday, Delhi-NCR witnessed a significant weather shift that brought much-needed relief to the residents from the scorching heat of the afternoon. As evening approached, temperatures dropped by up to 13 degrees Celsius, thanks to strong winds accompanied by heavy rainfall.

Weather Forecast and Alert

The Meteorological Department anticipates relief from the heat for the next 3 to 4 days and has issued a yellow alert indicating the likelihood of continued rainfall on Sunday. Earlier in the day, the rising temperatures were palpable, with the intense noon sun causing discomfort.

However, by 3 PM, dark clouds began to gather, and by 4 PM, the weather had completely changed, culminating in heavy rainfall across most parts of Delhi, lasting about an hour.

Temperature and Environmental Impact

Despite the rainfall, the daytime temperature remained high, reaching a maximum of 39.3 degrees Celsius, slightly lower than Friday’s 39.4 degrees Celsius, which was three degrees above normal. In some areas, the temperature even crossed the 40-degree mark during the day.

However, by around 5:30 PM, the temperature at the Safdarjung weather station had dropped to 25.8 degrees Celsius.

Pollution Levels

The rain also brought relief from pollution, which had been categorized as poor in recent days. On Saturday, the air quality index (AQI) improved to 195 from Friday’s 231, moving it to the moderate category. It is expected that this relief from pollution will continue over the next three days.

Understanding the Yellow Alert

The yellow alert is issued by the Meteorological Department to warn residents of potential severe weather conditions, urging them to be prepared for any eventualities.

Aviation Impact

The sudden weather change also affected aviation services. Strong winds and rain made it challenging to land airplanes at Delhi Airport, resulting in the diversion of 22 flights to other airports. These included 9 from IndiGo, 3 from Vistara, 8 from Air India, one from Saudi Arabia, and one from Air India Express. These diversions occurred between 3 PM and 6:30 PM.


This weather event highlights the dynamic nature of Delhi-NCR’s climate and the importance of timely weather forecasts and alerts. Residents and travelers benefited from the rapid temperature drop and improved air quality, though the aviation disruptions underscore the broader impacts of such sudden meteorological changes.

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