In the heart of India’s bustling capital, the Delhi Metro is set to achieve a significant milestone. The much-anticipated first segment of its fourth phase is scheduled to open by July 2024, marking a significant expansion of this vital urban transit system.

This expansion is not just a testament to the city’s growth but also a leap towards improved connectivity and infrastructure development.

Expansion Details

The opening segment of Phase IV involves the extension of the Magenta Line, starting from Janakpuri West to RK Ashram Marg. Spanning a total length of 28.92 kilometers, this route will feature an elevated structure for 21.18 kilometers and an underground section covering the remaining 7.74 kilometers.

This strategic extension is designed to cater to the growing transportation needs of Delhi’s diverse population, offering increased accessibility and reducing travel time significantly.

Other Key Lines Under Construction

In addition to the Magenta Line extension, two other critical routes are underway in this phase. The Majlis Park-Maujpur line stretches over 12.55 kilometers, and the Aerocity-Tughlakabad route covers 23.62 kilometers. These lines are not just transport routes; they represent the arteries of the city, pumping life and vibrancy into the capital.

Impact and Benefits

The completion of these lines will have a transformative impact on the city’s public transport system. It will not only ease the burden on existing routes but also open up new areas for development. Commuters can look forward to more efficient and comfortable travel options, reducing dependency on road transport and contributing to a decrease in traffic congestion and pollution.

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