Delhi’s long-awaited Mohalla Bus Service is nearing its launch, with the first prototype bus already arriving in the city. The Transport Minister, Kailash Gahlot, personally tested the bus on Tuesday, assessing its features and operational capabilities. This initiative is a significant step towards enhancing last-mile connectivity and ensuring more efficient public transport on Delhi’s narrow roads.

Key Features of the Mohalla Bus:

  • Size and Accessibility: The 9-meter-long buses are specially designed to navigate the narrow streets of Delhi, differentiating them from the standard 12-meter buses that are commonly seen on the city’s roads.


  • Electric Mobility: The Mohalla buses are electric, aligning with the eco-friendly transport solutions and supporting Delhi’s green transport initiatives. Once fully charged, these buses can cover a distance of up to 150 kilometers, showcasing their efficiency and reliability.


  • Trial and Inspection: The prototype has been sent by the company and is currently undergoing thorough inspections by the Transport Department. After successful trials and ensuring all safety standards are met, the buses will be rolled out for public use.


  • Phase-wise Deployment: In the initial phase, 25 Mohalla buses are planned to be introduced on the roads, focusing on improving connectivity from residential colonies to main roads, thereby enhancing last-mile connectivity.

Enhancing Urban Mobility:

The introduction of the Mohalla Bus Service is poised to transform public transportation in Delhi, particularly benefiting those in congested areas with narrow roads. These buses are not only an answer to the increasing demand for more accessible public transport options but also reflect the government’s commitment to sustainable urban mobility solutions.

The smaller size of the buses, combined with their electric nature, makes them an ideal choice for the city’s varied landscape, ensuring that more areas are covered and residents have reliable transport options. The government’s initiative to launch electric buses is also a step towards reducing the carbon footprint and promoting environmental sustainability.

Safety and Security:

Ensuring passenger safety is paramount, and the buses are currently under rigorous scrutiny to meet all required safety protocols. The introduction of these buses is expected to be a game-changer for Delhi’s public transport system, offering a practical solution to traffic congestion and the challenges of navigating through narrow streets.

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