The runway of the under-construction Noida International Airport in Jewar has been fully completed. It is reported that by June 20, the radar installation will also be finalized, paving the way for the commencement of flight trials soon after this date.

Although the runway construction was finished almost two months ago, the setting of equipment has recently been completed.

Upcoming Developments and Testing:

The final touches on a 5-meter area at the end of the 3900-meter runway were completed this Tuesday, marking the runway readiness at 100 percent.

Arunvir Singh, the CEO of Nayal, has confirmed that the radar will be operational by June 20, and flight trials are expected to start any day following this milestone.

Timeline for Commercial Operations:

Although no specific date has been set yet, the airport’s construction is on track to be completed by September 29, as per the agreement with Zurich Company. Authorities maintain that the work will conclude by this date, and commercial flights are anticipated to begin in October.

This upcoming connectivity hub in Jewar adds a significant milestone to the regional infrastructure development, promising enhanced connectivity and economic growth in the area.

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